Terms of Service Agreement

Welcome to use the online self-service platform provided by Wangsu Science & Technology Co., Ltd.!

The online self-service platform service provided by Wangsu Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the service or self-service) is provided by Wangsu Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company or Wangsu) For the various products and services provided by self-service platform users, please refer to the relevant products and services on the console page of the companys official website (https://www.wangsu.com/, hereinafter referred to as this Website or Platform Website). Features and quality standards are introduced. The terms of this service agreement are signed by you and our company.

The company hereby reminds you to read carefully and fully understand the terms of this agreement, especially the terms of exemption or limitation of liability, applicable law and jurisdiction terms. The legal statements, specifications, notices, announcements, and rules published for individual products or services on the company’s Platform Website are all part of this agreement, and are inseparable from this agreement and have the same legal effect.

1. General

1.1 You confirm: Before you use this service, please fully read, understand and accept all the contents of this agreement. Once you choose “agree” and complete the registration, open process or use this service, it means that you agree to follow all the conventions of this agreement. When you confirm all the terms of service and complete the registration process, this agreement is established and legally effective between you and this Website, and you become an official user of the company.

1.2 You agree: In accordance with changes in national laws and regulations, and the company’s operational needs, the company has the right to unilaterally change this agreement and corresponding service rules, service content, product descriptions, product functions, etc. at any time, and by one or more methods such as pushing messages, web pages announcements and short messages to publish without separate notification to you. Once the revised content is announced in any form, it will take effect and replace the previous related content. Such changes or adjustments shall not be regarded as a violation of this agreement by the company; if you continue to use the service after the announcement of the content of this agreement changes, it means that you have fully read, understood and accepted the content of the revised agreement, and will also follow the revised agreement. The content of the agreement uses this service; if you do not agree with the content of the modified agreement, you should stop using the service immediately.

1.3 You agree: This agreement is bound by the current and updated laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China. The service content and requirements provided by the company are not excluded by the laws of your country or region. If this agreement conflicts with the laws and regulations of your country or region, both parties may recognize the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China as the only applicable law.

1.4 You declare: When you agree to accept this agreement and register as a self-service user of Wangsu, you have full capacity for civil rights and capacity for civil conduct as required by law, and can independently assume civil liability as a natural person, legal person or other organization, or have obtained sufficient authorization. If you do not meet the aforementioned conditions, you should immediately terminate the registration or stop using the service. The corresponding license provided by you means that the owner of the license has authorized you to sign this agreement.

1.5 You promise: The use of related products and services under this agreement shall not only comply with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, but also meet the requirements of social public ethics, and shall not harm the legitimate rights and interests of any third party. When it comes to third party claims, you should assume full responsibility and ensure that the company and its related shareholders, members of the board of directors, management members at all levels, etc. are not implicated or bear any responsibility for this. For any third party losses, the company does not assume any associated compensation or make any promises.

1.6 You confirm and agree: (1) The registration information provided is true, accurate, complete, legal and effective. If the registration information is changed, it should be updated in time; (2) If the registration information you provide is illegal, untrue, If it is accurate and not exhaustive, you shall bear the corresponding responsibilities and consequences arising therefrom, and the company reserves the right to terminate your use of the services of this Website.

2. Account

2.1 Registration

Before using this service, you must first register and obtain the Wangsu self-service platform account provided to you by the company (hereinafter referred to as “the account”). You agree and guarantee:

(1) When completing the registration or activation process, you should accurately provide and update your information according to the prompts on the corresponding page in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations to make it true, timely, complete and accurate. If there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the information provided by you is wrong, false, outdated or incomplete, the company has the right to send you a notice of inquiry and/or request for correction, and the right to directly delete the corresponding information, suspend the registration or suspend account use until suspension or termination of part or all of the services provided to you. The company is not responsible for any suspension, suspension or termination of the service caused by this, and you will bear any adverse consequences arising therefrom.

(2) You should accurately fill in and promptly update the email address, contact number, contact address, postal code and other contact information you provided so that the company can effectively contact you. Because these contact methods cannot get in touch with you, you should be solely responsible for any loss or increase in costs during your use of this service. You understand and agree that you are obliged to maintain the validity of the contact information you provide, and if there is a change that needs to be updated, you should operate according to the company’s requirements.

2.2 Account Security

You will be fully responsible for all operations and comments made using this account and password. You agree:

(1) For the account provided by Wangsu, you only have the right to use it. You are responsible for your Wangsu self-service platform account, and only you can use your Wangsu self-service platform account. If you transfer, gift or authorize others to use the right of the account, the company shall be notified in writing. After the company agrees and the above-mentioned successor has completed and signed this agreement, the successor can legally obtain the right to use the account, otherwise, Wangsu has the right to suspend at any time or terminate all services provided to you without any responsibility.

(2) The company recognizes your instructions through your user name and password. Please keep your user name and password properly. You shall bear all the losses caused by the leakage of the password and all the adverse consequences caused by it. You promise that you will not disclose the account and password to anyone else, nor use anyone else’s Wangsu self-service platform account and password.

(3) If you find that someone else has fraudulently used or stolen your account and password, or any other unauthorized use, you should immediately notify the company in an effective manner and request the company to suspend related services. At the same time, you understand that a reasonable time limit is required for the company to take action on your request. Prior to this, the company will not bear any responsibility for the executed instructions and/or your losses caused by it.

(4) If you forget your account name or related password, you should contact the company in time, retrieve the password according to the prompts on the Platform Website and reset the password in time.

2.3 Account cancellation

The company reserves the right to cancel your account if you violate national or local laws and regulations or violate the terms of service, and reserve the right to suspend or terminate the service to you.

3. Rules for the use of Wangsu online self-service platform services

In order to effectively protect your legitimate rights and interests in using this service, you understand and agree to accept the following rules:

3.1 During your use of this service, the content of this agreement, the prompts on transaction operations that appear on the page, or the content of the information (text messages or phone calls, etc.) sent by the company to your mobile phone are the relevant rules for your use of this service. You use the service means that you agree to accept the relevant rules of this service. You understand and agree that the company has the right to unilaterally modify the relevant rules of the service without your consent. The service rules should be based on the page prompts when you use the service (including but not limited to text messages group sending, telephone notification, Website announcements, etc.) Your agreement and compliance with the service rules is a prerequisite for your use of this service.

3.2 The company may notify you of the progress of the service and prompt you to perform the next step by email (including but not limited to text messages group sending, telephone notification, Website announcement, etc.), but the company does not guarantee that you can receive it or receive the email (including but not limited to text messages group sending, telephone notification, Website announcement, etc.) in time, and shall not bear any consequences. Therefore, you should log in to this Website in time to view and conduct transaction operations during the service process. The company does not assume any responsibility for any disputes or losses caused by your failure to view and modify or confirm the service status in time or fail to submit related applications.

3.3 When you use the service, the company has the right to charge you the service fees in accordance with the corresponding service charge quotations, orders and/or related agreements. The company has the right to formulate and adjust the service fee. The specific service fee is subject to the charging method listed on the Platform Website page when you use the service, or other written agreements reached between you and the company.

4. Your rights and obligations

4.1 You have the right to enjoy the Internet technology and information services provided by the online self-service platform of Wangsu, and you have the right to receive technical support, consultation and other services, service content and services of Wangsu when accepting the services provided by the online self-service platform of Wangsu. For product price information, please refer to the relevant introduction on the Platform Website.

4.2 You promise: You have all the qualifications required by laws and regulations to perform this contract, and you shall bear all legal liabilities and adverse consequences caused by your lack of corresponding qualifications, and the company has the right to suspend or terminate to provide for you the service. If this causes losses to the company, you shall bear the corresponding compensation liability.

4.3 You know: You should record the relevant information of Internet users in accordance with the “network security law of the People’s Republic of China”, “regulations on the protection of information network communication rights”, “Internet copyright administrative protection measures” and other laws and regulations. It will be kept for six months in accordance with the law, and will be provided when inquiries by state agencies in accordance with the law.

4.4 You should respect the intellectual property rights and other legal rights of the company and other third parties, and ensure that you do your best to protect the company and its shareholders, directors, senior managers, employees, partners, etc. in the event of violations of the aforementioned rights and interests. In the event of any impact or loss due to these incidents, the company reserves the right to terminate the provision of services to you without refunding any money if you infringe the legal rights of the company. If your illegal or infringing acts cause losses to the company or other customers of the company, you shall bear full responsibility.

4.5 You confirm that the contact information provided to the company is correct. If the contact information is wrong or the e-mail address you use to receive the companys mail is not safe and stable, you shall be responsible for all consequences including but not limited to the consequences and losses caused by your failure to receive relevant notices from the company in time.

4.6 You agree to use the service fee billing and data query system provided by the company, and your doubts about billing and data should not become a reason for you to stop or suspend your performance or payment obligations. You should pay the service fee on time and have the right to obtain a VAT invoice for the service fee from our company.

4.7 You have the right to inquire about the products, services and prices involved in this agreement. Once you choose to use these products and services, we will assume that you have no doubt, and you have promised to give up the right to recover from the company due to the doubt.

4.8 You understand that you can use the bank card, WeChat, Alipay or the method of pre-charging account to pay for the usage of the product. If you pay by way of pre-charging account, your account balance can not be transferred or donated to other accounts of the platform, nor can it be converted into cash or be withdrew.

4.9 You guarantee that when using this service, you will comply with national and local laws and regulations, industry practices and social public ethics, and will not use the services provided by our company to store, publish and disseminate the following information and content:

(1) opposing the basic principles established in the constitution;

(2) endangering national security, divulging state secrets, subverting state power and destroying national unity;

(3) damaging the honor and interests of the state;

(4) inciting national hatred and discrimination and undermining national unity;

(5) undermining the state’s religious policy and propagate heresy and feudal superstition

(6) spreading rumors, disturbing social order and destroying social stability;

(7) spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or abetting crimes;

(8) insulting or slandering others and infringing upon their legitimate rights and interests;

(9) containing other contents prohibited by laws and administrative regulations;

You also promise that you will not:

(1) use the Companys Platform Website to engage in money laundering, stealing business secrets, stealing personal information and other illegal and criminal activities;

(2) interfere with the normal operation of the Company’s Platform Website, and shall not intrude into this Website and the national computer information system;

(3) publish any content that infringes upon other people’s privacy, personal information, copyright, trademark right and other intellectual property rights or legal rights;

(4) take advantage of the services provided by the Company to carry out acts endangering the telecommunications network security and information security, or conduct acts that disrupt the telecommunications market order.

You must bear legal responsibility for your behavior on the Platform Website. If you spread reactionary, pornographic or other information that violates national laws on the Company’s Platform Website, the system records of this Website may be used as evidence of your violation of the law.

You acknowledge and confirm that based on the particularity of the Internet, when your account and application harm the legitimate rights and interests of other third parties, the Company has the right to stop the use of your account and reserve the right to recover all responsibilities from you.

You acknowledge that the Company has the right to terminate the service provided to you without any refund if you violate the above conventions or after the Company receives the request of the competent authority or the legal claim of the third party obligee. You shall compensate the Company for the loss caused by your above-mentioned behavior.

4.10 When you use this service, you are not allowed to engage in the following activities which endanger the security of computer information network:

(1) Enter the computer information network or using the computer information network resources without permission

(2) Delete, modify or add computer information network functions without permission;

(3) Delete, modify or add data and application programs which stored, processed or transmitted in the computer information network without permission;

(4) Intentionally make or spread destructive programs such as computer viruses;

(5) Reverse engineer, reverse assemble, reverse compile the Platform Website of our Company, or try to find the source code of this Website in other ways;

(6) Use, rent out, lend, copy, modify, link, reprint, assemble, publish, or establish a mirror site of the contents of which the intellectual property rights own to the company;

(7) Interfere with this Website of the platform and its components, modules and data by itself or authorize others or third-party software to do so;

(8) Other behaviors endangering the security of computer information network.

4.11 You acknowledge and confirm that according to the provisions of the Administrative Measures for Internet information Services, the Administrative Measures for Business License of Telecommunication Business, and the Administrative Measures for the Filing of Non-Operating Internet information services, the country implements a licensing system for operational Internet information services and a filing system for non-operating Internet information services. No one may engage in Internet information services without obtaining a license or fulfilling the filing procedures. If you violate the relevant regulations, you should bear the corresponding legal liability according to law, and the Company will not bear any responsibility for this.

4.12 When you use this service, if you are involved in providing website services to others, you need to check the information content of the website from time to time. If there are interactive columns and message boards, you must check before publish. If you find any problems, you should handle them immediately and keep records. At the same time, you should inform relevant departments at the first time to implement the information security responsibility system and strengthen the information security education for employees.

4.13 When you use this service, if you are involved in providing website services to others, you should comply with the provisions of Articles 11, 12 and 23 of the Administrative Measures for the Security Protection of Computer Information Network International Networking (Order No. 33 of the Ministry of Public Security):

(1) Fill in the record form supervised by the Ministry of public security when handling the network access procedures;

(2) Within 30 days from the date of formal network connection, go through the filing procedures at the acceptance organ designated by the public security organ of the people’s government of the province, autonomous region or municipality directly under the central government where the network is located;

(3) Be responsible for reporting the access units and users of the network to the local public security organ for record, and timely report the changes of the access units and users in the network.

(4) If you fail to perform the duty of filing, you will be punished by the national competent authorities according to law (including but not limited to warning or closing down for rectification).

4.14 For the IP address assigned by the Company, you only have the right to use it. When you transfer the right to use the IP address to a third party, you should obtain the Company’s written consent in advance. It is not allowed to violate the relevant laws and regulations of the state and the rules and regulations of the government departments, and you should make a detailed registration of the information of the third party. In case of any illegal act of the third party arises, you are obliged to provide the true and effective information of the third party to cooperate with the relevant departments in investigation and evidence collection work.

4.15 You are fully responsible for the legality and appropriateness of the content you upload or store in the cloud service, and you are responsible for obtaining all authorization and permission related to your content.

4.16 You promise that during the use of this service, you will not conduct any behavior that damages or attempts to undermine the network security (including but not limited to phishing, hacker, network fraud, containing or suspected of spreading: viruses, Trojans, malicious code in the website or space, and acts suspected as attacks on other websites and servers through virtual servers, such as scanning, sniffing, ARP spoofing, DOS, etc.), and you shall not use this service for crawler operation or brush order operation. Otherwise, the Company has the right to terminate the service immediately and investigate the relevant responsibility.

4.17 You should carefully read and abide by the corresponding service instructions, technical specifications, operation procedures, operation documents, etc. displayed on this Website page of the platform, and accurately understand the relevant contents and the possible consequences; in the process of using the service, you should operate according to the relevant operation instructions, and the consequences caused by your violation of the relevant operation guidelines shall be borne by yourself and the Company assumes no responsibility.

5. Rights and Obligations of the Company

5.1 The Company shall provide you with qualified network technology and information services according to the service you choose and your payment status.

5.2 The Company shall record necessary information during the service process according to the service you choose, and provide the record when you need or when the relevant government regulatory authorities propose regulatory review, compliance or evidence collection investigation.

5.3 The Company promises to keep your information confidential, not to disclose your information to any third party, and not to authorize a third party to use your information, unless:

(1) provide according to the terms of this Agreement or other service agreements, contracts and online terms between you and the Company;

(2) provide in accordance with laws and regulations;

(3) provide in accordance with the requirements of administrative and judicial authorities;

(4) provide to a third party as you agree;

(5) provide to solve the reported incident or bring a lawsuit;

(6) povide to take necessary and reasonable actions to prevent serious illegal acts or suspected criminal acts;

(7) provide to a third party in order to provide products, services and information to you, including providing products, services and information to you through the technology and services of a third party;

(8) The Company and its affiliated companies have the right to use your information and information.

5.4 The Company has the right to charge the service fee of the day according to the actual situation of your use of the service within 24 hours after the end of the service of a day, and deduct it from your account (bank card or prepaid account). You should pay close attention to the change of account amount (bank card remaining amount or prepaid account balance). If your account balance (or bank card balance) is insufficient, the Company has the right to immediately suspend or terminate the service provided to you. At the same time, you should recharge the account amount to the amount sufficient to pay the above service fee within 24 hours after the service is suspended or terminated. For each overdue day, the Company has the right to charge you liquidated damages at the rate of 3% of the unpaid fees until the date of actual payment. At the same time, if you are overdue, the Company has the right to immediately suspend or terminate the service provided to you, and your content data will only be retained for 168 hours after the suspension or termination of the service (except for those content set up to destroy by yourself).

5.5 The Company will provide the service you ordered in accordance with this Agreement, and be responsible for the daily maintenance and troubleshooting of this service, except for the failure and service unavailability caused by you, force majeure or reasons that are out of the control of the Company.

5.6 When you choose the cloud computing services of the Company:

(1) The Company may upgrade the cloud computing services or migrates the computer room environment in order to provide you with better services. The Company will issue an announcement or notice for the above operations in advance, and you should support and cooperate.

(2) The Company has the right to migrate your content within the Company’s cloud computing platform based on the needs of operation and maintenance management, but the Company will not process or change the data. You agree that the above operation does not constitute any infringement of your privacy or confidential information.

5.7 You acknowledge and agree that some of the preferential activities or billing policies are based on your commitment to the service duration or service volume. Therefore, if you unsubscribe in advance, the Company has the right to recover the original price, collect the shortfall payment, charge the penalty, or charge the refund fee, cancel the voucher, and ask you to pay the fee for using the free voucher. The specific rules shall be subject to the corresponding display page or the corresponding order form of the self-service of the Company.

6. Protection of Privacy and Other Personal Information

In order to provide you with the functions of the self-service platform and the technical services involved, once you agree to this agreement or to use the service, you agree to authorize the Company to collect, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

6.1 Account and Password

When you register as an online self-service platform user, we will ask you to set your account and password to identify you. You can only use the account through the password you set. If you disclose the password, you may lose your personal identification information and may cause adverse legal consequences to you. When the account and password are in potential or real danger for any reason, you should contact the Company immediately. You should be responsible for all consequences caused by the disclosure of account number and password.

6.2 Account Information

When you complete the account registration or activation process, you should provide your true name, address, nationality, phone/telephone number and email address to the Company. You can also choose to fill in the relevant additional information (including but not limited to your company’s province and city, time zone and postal code, fax number, personal home page and your position).The telephone number you submit will be used for you to receive the verification code when you register, login to the online self-service platform console page, or when the password is retrieved, and as one of the contact methods between you and the website, can be used to receive relevant business notifications. If you refuse to provide the above information, you will not be able to register for the online self-service platform account. In order to provide you with targeted new services and opportunities, you understand and agree that the Company, its affiliated companies or other websites you log in will inform you of such information through your email address or mobile phone.

6.3 Bank Account and Other Information

If the services provided by the Company require you to provide your bank account information, or account information such as Alipay, WeChat, etc., after you provide the corresponding information, the Company will strictly carry out the relevant confidentiality conventions.

6.4 Login Records

In order to ensure the security of the service you use and constantly improve service quality, the Company will record and preserve relevant information on your login and use of the service. Unless otherwise agreed by you and the Company or required by law, the Company undertakes that such information will be provided to any third party except for affiliates of the Company.

6.5 Advertisements

The Company will conduct comprehensive statistics on the identity data of users of the serviceand use or disclose such data for the needs of advertisements, sales or rewards.

6.6 External links

This Website includes links to other websites, but the Company shall not be liable for privacy policy of any such other website. The Company may add websites of business partners or Shared brands whenever needs.

6.7 Security

The Company only makes information it acquires not lost, abused and altered in line with security measures including backing up data to other servers and encrypting user passwords provided under existing technologies. Despite such safety measures, the Company does not ensure on absolute security of such information.

7. System Interruption or Failure

The Company shall not be liable for damages on your unavailability of various networking services occurred when system may not function properly due to the following conditions, including without limitation:

7.1 Failure of telecommunications equipment to carry out data transmission

7.2 Due to force majeure factors such as typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, flood, poweroutage, war, terrorist attack and etc., the Companys system fails to perform services.

7.3 Service interruption or delay due to hacker attacks, virus invasion, technical adjustments or failures in the telecommunications sector, website upgrades, banking problems and etc.

8. Scope and Limitation of Liability

8.1 The Company shall only be liable for the liabilities expressly set forth in this agreement.

8.2 The cooperators of the service shall be responsible for the quality and content of the service provided by itself, for which the Company shall not be responsible for.

8.3 If the service you purchase is not available due to reasons unaccountable to the Company or force majeure factors, it is not the responsibility of the Company. Based on the characteristics of the Internet, the Company reminds you that you shall back up data from time to time for the Company will not be responsible for data loss. The Company is not responsible for the unavailability of the service due to improper adjustment or configuration of your own system or other reasons of yours, and that the Company is not responsible for the losses of you or any third party caused by any act or omission of any third party or the losses of any third party who receives the service of the Company indirectly through you.

8.4 The Company shall not be liable for any indirect, punitive, special, or derivative damages related to or arising out of this agreement, no matter in what way, whether arising from breach of this agreement (including breach of warranties) or tort, including but not limited to damages for business loss, loss of profits or revenues, loss of data or loss of other economic interests, even though the Company has been informed the likelihood of such damages. In addition, liabilities of the Company for damages mentioned above shall be excluded even though exclusive remedies specified in this agreement fails to achieve its basic purpose.

8.5 If your website is under hacker attack including cyber-attack from any third party, you shall immediately communicate with the Company in order to ensure the quality of services, but you still have to pay the Internet flow or bandwidth caused thereby.

8.6 The Company provide fault control mechanism of 7 * 24 hour fault monitoring, automatic recovery and etc. for the service, guaranteeing timely processing service failure and recovery. When the service node failure occurs, the node will be replaced by other nodes automatically through local load balancer and global load balancer. When the whole service failure occurs, the company will immediately notify the customer in accordance with the corresponding contingency plans for processing.

8.7 The Company shall make sure the service you purchase is available. Combined with the relative characteristics of the service you purchased, the service may be available refers to that the websites, files, stream media and other content under your domain name used in the service can be visited or downloaded, and the service may be unavailable refers to that after the available service time is deducted from the total service time, the remaining time is unavailable.

8.8 If the whole website of the service you purchase is unavailable due to the Companys own reasons, the Company will calculate the fees by minutes (calculated as one minute when less than one minute) and exempt corresponding service fees from the total service expenses in accordance with the actual unavailable time. The maximum amount of service fees exempted in one day shall not exceed the due service fees in that day and shall not be accumulated in any way into next day. You agree that except for the previous situation in this clause, the Company shall not be liable for any of your other damages due to unavailability of the service.

8.9 Unless otherwise provided herein, you agree that the liabilities of the Company on compensation is limited to direct economic losses and the total amount of such compensation shall not exceed the total service fees charged on you in that day under any circumstance.

8.10 If you purchase the cloud computing services, you shall be responsible for the normal operation of cloud server software provided in it, and if any event that affects the stability of network occurs to such cloud server, including but not limited to hacker attack, virus attack, sending spams in bulk, or becoming a source of attack, and causing serious network security problem and affecting other users thereby, the Company will notify you by telephone or email (written notice will being sent later) to correct and has the right to limit your network connection (for example, suspend the network connection or limit the flow for no more than 24 hours), and if the hacker attack still exists after 24 hours, the Company has the right to continue the limitations on your network until such attack stops. You agree that such situation shall not be deemed as service unavailability, and shall not be regarded as the Companys breach of this agreement and the Company undertakes no default responsibility under this situation. For any and all the losses caused to the Company or the Companys other customers, you shall indemnify.

9. Liabilities for Breach

9.1 If the Company has found or received complaints from others on your violation of this agreement or any of your malicious behaviors, the Company has the right to remove and block relevant contents without notice, inflict punishments including but limited to warning, restricting or prohibiting the use of part or all of the functions and blocking or canceling ID against illegal ID depending on the seriousness of your behavior, and make the result of its handling public.

9.2 The Company has the right to take appropriate legal action against any behavior that violates relevant laws, regulations or provisions of this agreement in its reasonable judgment, report to relevant administrations in accordance with the laws or regulations on preserve relevant information and etc… You shall be solely responsible for all legal responsibilities caused under this situation.

9.3 You understand and agree that you shall be solely responsible for claims, demands or losses asserted by any third party due to your violation of this agreement or the provision of relevant service clauses and indemnify the Company for its losses suffered under this situation(if any).

9.4 Unless otherwise stated in written, to the extent permitted under laws of the Peoples Republic of China, the Company make no express or implied warranties or representations in any form on the operation of this Website and information, content, product (including but limited to software) subsisted thereon.

10. Entire Agreement

This agreement is composed of the clauses herein and all rules published on this Website. Relevant nouns can be quoted and referred to mutually. If there exists any different understanding, the clauses herein shall prevail.

You understand and acknowledge this agreement, namely you understand and acknowledge the content of its components. You and the Company shall be bound by the components of this agreement once you use the service.

If any clause of this agreement is held invalid, void or unenforceable for any reason, such clause shall be considered divisible, and the validity and enforceability of the remainder of this Agreement shall not be impaired or affected thereby.

11. Protection of Trademark and Intellectual Property

11.1 Except for products or services of third parties, the intellectual property including, without limitation, patent right, copyright, trade secret and etc. of all the contents on this Website including but not limited to works, pictures, files, information, data, framework and Website design, is legally owned by the Company or its affiliates.

11.2 Unless permitted in written by the Company or its affiliates, no one shall use, modify, copy, publicly spread, change, distribute, release or publicly publish any program or content on this Website without authorization.

11.3 It is your obligation to respect intellectual property, so you shall solve relevant issues including but not limited to software copyright, application permission on your own and the Company has no obligation to check. If you has executed this agreementyou are deemed to have admitted the above-mentioned provision and have finished all related work on such admission. In case of any violation, you shall be reliable for any damages and the Company reserves the right to terminate this agreement.

11.4 Once you execute this agreement, in respect of any information or contentincluding without limitation, customer review, customer consultation and any kind of articleyou provide, upload, create or post in any form on this Website including but not limited to text, comment, image, photograph, video, audio, you hereby grant to the Company and its affiliates a non-exclusive and royalty free license to use all related legitimate rights and interests subsisted thereon including copyright, portrait rightname of user ID and etc. Copyright used hereof includes but not limited to right of reproduction, right of distribution, right of rental, right of exhibition, right of performance, right of projection, right of broadcasting, right of communication by information networks, right of cinematization, right of adaptation, right of translation, right of make collection of works and other rights to which a copyright owner is entitled.

11.5 You shall ensure all kinds of information or content you post on this Website does not Infringe any third partyportrait, privacy, intellectual property rights and other legitimate rights and interests, or else the Company has the right to take measures(including without limitation, remove or disconnect links) at any time and reserves the right to make claims on the Company losses due to your behavior.

12. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

12.1 The validity, construction, performance and settlement of dispute of this agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with laws and regulations of the Peoples Republic of China, regulations issued by telecom administrations, as well as the computer industry standards.

12.2 Any dispute related to this agreement or the performance thereof shall be resolved by amiable negotiation. If a dispute fails to be settled in the manner referred to in the preceding sentence, such dispute shall be submitted to the competent peoples court of the place where the Company is domiciled which has jurisdiction.

12.3 You and the Company confirm that the option to execute this agreement is completely equal and fair to both parties. Either can choose to execute or not to execute this agreement without compulsion. This agreement is a representation of true intentions after prudent consideration by both parties. There is no situation where one party increases the other partys liabilities or escapes from its obligations. Any party who has executed this agreement or promises to abide by this agreement shall be considered to have forsaken the right to question the fairness of this agreement.

This Agreement is written in both English and Chinese. If there exists any inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail for all purposes.